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What is Social PR?

Social PRSocial PR is Digital Public Relations

The term “Social PR” refers to the adaptation of traditional public relations to the digital environment. This can include anything from news releases, social media, search engine optimization, content and blogging to podcasts, online video, mobile applications, viral marketing and numerous other formats. For many today, the digital landscape is changing too rapidly to keep up. New social media forums seem to launch daily and who knows which are worth our attention?

Social PR is Storytelling for the Web

Social PR adapts the storytelling that sells a product, brand, or person into formats conducive to the social space. Lack of attention span and sheer volume of information make it harder and harder to get noticed by your target market. Consumer buying habits are also adapting to the interactive shopping experiences e-retailing makes possible. Many traditional publications now have online versions and combined with the hundred million or so active blogs that exist, that is a lot of noise. How do you get heard?

Social PR Services Customized to Your Needs

That’s where we come in. At Spoddid, we work collaboratively with you to navigate the digital social environment. You are unique, so we customize our services on a case-by-case basis. Results are measured and reported on regularly, so we can adapt based on how your public responds.

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