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Summer Camp

summer camp

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Summer camp, as you may know from experience, is one of the most memorable times in your life. It can be fun and life-changing; or, it can be a horrifying and embarrassing experience. Kind of like some of the trends I’m seeing this summer.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a little camp once in awhile (Mad Men anyone?) but not when it comes to office-appropriate dressing. Have a little fun and add a trendy piece to a classic outfit, but be careful when mixing trends together or you’ll just look tacky. I actually saw a pair of denim sweatpants recently! Just because they’re denim doesn’t mean they’re appropriate for casual Friday. And, really – when is a pair of denim sweatpants EVER appropriate.

There’s always a cycle in fashion, but what I’m noticing is that it’s tightening up a bit. I think people just bore more easily these days and fashion is trying to keep up. I know it feels like we just had the ‘80’s make a comeback, but I’m already seeing some things hit the runway (and sidewalk actually) that are very ‘90’s. Watch for shorter trend cycles, and don’t get too invested in a certain era unless you plan to hang on to it until it circles back again (in like 6 years).

Another caution – wearing something too revealing. You may look very Audrey Hepburn, but the office is still no the place for short shorts. It’s appropriate to wear sleeveless tops, but have a jacket with you just in case the boss drops by.

Here are items to avoid unless you want HR paying you a visit:

  • Flip-flops
  • Short-shorts (for most offices, shorts in general are a no)
  • Mini-skirts
  • Anything sheer
  • Holes – even intentionally (i.e. crochet or lace)
  • Strapless tops or dresses (unless worn under a blazer)
  • Cleavage or mid-drift bearing tops
  • Muscle T’s, band T-shirts, or shirts with sayings

Check out for some other great tips for what to wear to work.
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