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Size Does Matter


marc jacobs headphones

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My roommate and I had a dinner party the other night to celebrate my dad’s 55th birthday and we got to talking about how we view mobile today. What does mobile mean? Smaller? We maybe used to think so, but as Blackberry replaces cell phones, and TV replaces the monitor, I’m starting to rethink what that really means.

For some of us, the very thought of using a computer is still stressful in itself. But, for the tech-savvy, Cloud-computing rest of us who can’t wait to get the latest gadget, our laptops compete with handheld devices like the iPhone. And now that we carry them around with us like a security blanket, isn’t smaller better?

Actually, from the popularity of new products like the iPad, you’d think the old adage is true – bigger is better. Is versatility more important than accessibility? Of course we know that, in our world of excess, people want both. The challenge seems to be finding a balance of utility; having true convenience with that versatility. But our gadgets get larger to accommodate a vast array of apps and the need for power running them requires (we still search for the holy grail of power sources).

But, how big is too big? Are we being duped by marketers who’s job it is to convince us to switch to these obtrusive products by upping the “coolness factor”? There is even a micro-trend in headphones right now (as seen on the Marc Jacobs runway) heralding back to the ‘70’s when they were huge because they had to be huge. It will be interesting to see what they come up with next.

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