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The Spoddid 9-Day Simple Colon Cleanse

9-Day Colon Cleanse

Image Credit: Deviant Art

Whether your goal is spiritual transformation or you simply want to look good in a bathing suit, a colon cleanse is a great way to get you there. Plan ahead and make sure you don’t have anything on your calendar that will interrupt the cleanse. You will want to take things easy, and even stay home from work if you think it will be a problem to get to a bathroom easily (like if you drive a bus, or work in retail). Read more

Spring Cleaning – 5 New Ways to Eat Healthier

spring cleaning

Image Credit: Anna Ziliz

There is something about the freshness of spring that can inspire people to make changes or start something new.  Or, maybe after procrastinating for a few months, they are just finally getting around to those New Year’s resolutions. I know for me, spring is when I think about re-evaluating my eating habits and trying to eat “cleaner”. One way to hit the reset button is to do a cleanse. Read more