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FTC Disclosures

The FTC requires¬†disclosures when a blog may contain any hidden interests or unspoken biases. Views and opinions, or recommendations, made on Spoddid are genuine. However, in the event the writer ever gets a perk, let these disclosures act as a blanket “CYA” – that is, a “cover-your-arse”.

Will Work for Chocolate!

Spoddid writes about products, places and people we love. Instead of calling it out on an individual post, as a reader you can assume that all of the following hold true:

  • Writer got a helluva schwag bag
  • Writer got fed
  • Writer got busy w/ member of story
  • Writer got some sweet goods/cash
  • Writer got a free book
  • Writer got stock options

Privacy Policy

Spoddid is a healthy lifestyle career blog for women in business. We do not share personal information with third-parties nor store information other than to analyze site performance. All media (e.g., video, images) are the sole property of Spoddid unless noted otherwise. If you wish to share our site content and media on the internet, provide a link back to Spoddid reserves the right to change this privacy policy without notice.